SmallRig 2 buc 15mm Negru din Aliaj de Aluminiu Tija (M12-40cm) 16 inch Tija Pentru Stabilizarea Suport Rig /Accesorii Trepied -1054

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  • Descriere
  • Recenzii
  • Numărul De Model: 1054
  • M12-40cm: 16 inch
  • Compatibil: Pentru 15mm Tijă de Prindere
  • Origine: NC(de Origine)
  • Tip: 15mm rod
  • Nume De Brand: SMALLRIG
  • 2 bucati: Aliaj De Aluminiu Tija
  • Pachet: cu pachetul
  • Material: Aluminiu
  • Calitate: De Înaltă Calitate
  • Dimensiune: 107g

I ordered it on September 12th, but I finally got it today. The filming to use this product is already finished. They said they sent it late because they were out of stock, but shouldn't they have sent it by FedEx as much as they did? I will never order here again.

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Great item, fast shipping, high recommend. Thanks so much!

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