Work status - Vox Technology Park October 2017 - Werk Property Group

Less than 2 months before the inauguration, the Vox Technology Park building has already become a landmark for northern Timisoara.

The steel structure of the building was completed in the past month, and works on the masonry are also 100% completed. Notable progress has been made especially regarding the power supply of the building so that the high-voltage installation is 73% complete and the low voltage 85% complete. In the upcoming weeks, these works will be fully completed.

Sanitary and HVAC installations are now completed by 82% and are approaching final completion in the coming weeks. Plasterboard wall covering has been fully completed, and the flooring is currently being plated as well.

As far as the exterior of the building is concerned, the work on the façade continues by installing the curtain walls, now 87% completed, and installing the windows on the balconies. Also, our team is working on the installation of aluminum shading panels that is 86% completed. Alubond Aluminum Cassette plating continues, reaching 74% at the time.

We are anxious to see the entire Vox Technology Park building completed and invite the first tenants to its premises.

What does biometric access in Vox Technology Park building actually mean?

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What does biometric access in Vox Technology Park building actually mean?

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