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Within the Vox Technology Park building, tenants benefit from one of the most advanced security systems with biometric authentication access. Find out how Vox Biometric Access app works.

What is Vox Access App?

The system was specially designed to provide tenants and their employees with a simple and handy authentication method without a card or access badge. The tenants of the building can determine for each employee what are the areas they can access, as well as the validity term of the access code.

Authentication is done at all entrances in the building, both in the lobby area and other access ways (elevators, staircase, or underground parking). This way, it is completely excluded that someone outside the building has access, guaranteeing everyone’s safety.

App Authentication

Employees in the Vox Technology Park building will download the Vox Access appfrom the App Store or Google Play store, depending on the device they are using. Once the application is downloaded, each employee will contact the system administrator or IT manager of his company, who will fill in the employee’s enrollment. Enrollment in the system typically takes less than 5 minutes, and the employee is enrolled immediately.

Authentication is done by generating a QR code on the employee’s device using one of the biometric methods supported by its device (fingerprint, facial recognition, or 4-finger scanning). By default, the access code is valid for 15 minutes from the time of generation, but its validity can be customized by each system administrator individually for company employees.

The application-generated QR code is scanned to the building access areas (lobby, underground parking, staircase) and allows access only in areas where it has been authorized. To generate the QR code, the application does not require an Internet connection.


Frequently asked questions:

Where will my biometric data be stored?

Your biometric data will be saved only on your device and it will be used to authenticate your ID and hence generate your access badge for the building. Your biometric data will not be used for any other purposes, nor will be shared with any third party.

Can my biometric data be reproduced?

Your biometric data cannot be reproduced. VeridiumID is a software-only platform for biometric authentication that works in conjunction with a front-end mobile SDK that allows us to embed biometrics into this key-access mobile app. The biometric vectors encrypted and broken up, stored between the mobile device and server for enhanced security, a technique called visual cryptography. You can learn more information on the developer’s website: https://www.veridiumid.com/

What if I lose my device?

In case you lose your device on which biometric data is stored, please immediately contact the system administrator of your employer company. In case your device has been stolen, please contact the local authorities.

More specific information will be provided to users through the FAQ section of Vox Access app.

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