About the company and our latest projects - Vox Property Group

With each project we develop, we’re dedicated to providing ideal spaces for working or living.

The projects we undertake are complex in their nature. To realise them from concept to completion, we need an expert team covering all aspects of development on this scale – architectural design, urban planning, construction and sales. Along with our partners, we bring all of these essentials together, to create buildings at the forefront of modern design.

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Everything we do is for enhancing the urban landscape and the experience of those who will live or work within it.

Construction meets excellence

Architectural design is about much more than aesthetics. It’s also about a wider social responsibility to design and build structures that are environmentally sound, durable and, above all, safe and pleasant for those who will eventually inhabit them. These key criteria are infused in every aspect of what we do.

At Vox Property Group, we’re privileged to be able to create landmark buildings with the high level of responsibility that comes with it. We ensure each of our constructions surpasses the benchmark when it comes to social use, aesthetics and long-term durability.

Naturally, safety is paramount — our buildings meet all the criteria for safety in construction, technical details and financial governance.


Vox Vertical Village – Work status – February 2019

The beginning of the year has been very productive for our colleagues working on the construction of the Vox Vertical Village building. Thus, at this moment we are glad to announce that we have completed the casting of the raft foundation, and the reinforced concrete pillars are also 60% finished. The execution of the perimeter […]

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