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Welcome to the business hub of the future!

Acces in Vox Technology Park building will be granted through biometric authentication, using your own device. We chose this access method as it brings convenience and the highest security level for both employers and employees.

What does this mean?

First of all, contrary to what many believe, the building does not store any information from those who access it. Furthermore, the building itself does not have access to this information, as authentication will be done by each person on their personal device through a dedicated application. After this, the smartphone will act as a building access key.

This way, user data is secure, stored on the local device, with zero security risks. Both employers and employees will use smartphones on which authentication will be done using one of the following methods:

The device scans the user’s face and creates a  3D mapping of it. This information is then stored in the internal memory of the smartphone and will act as an access key.

Your smartphone scans your fingerprint and uses it as an access key through a Touch ID or similar device-based app.

Fingerprint Authentication is currently one of the most secure authentication methods. In this case, your device scans the 4 fingers and uses them as an access key.

Regardless of the authentication method, it is very important to know that the information remains stored locally and is not transferred to other systems it may get in contact with (in this case to the Vox access system). This means that everything is very safe and there is no risk for your data to be stored or used in any way.

The new system is developed by Veridium ID and is used by banks and governments around the world. It has one of the lowest fraud rates among all security systems developed worldwide. Learn more about the systems developed by Veridium and how they work: https://www.veridiumid.com.

Welcome to the opening event of Vox Technology Park (photo gallery)

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Welcome to the opening event of Vox Technology Park (photo gallery)

On April 19th, we had the honor to present the Vox Technology Park building to the public. The event was colourful and gave guests the opportunity to make a tour of our building and learn about our latest project!

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